Celebration Kids – Crafts and Color Sheets


This month our focus will be on learning that Jesus is the Good News. He died to pay for our sins because He loves us. We can be thankful that Jesus is the Good News and tell others about Jesus.

Our testimony is a great witnessing tool for each of us. Just as the early followers of Christ were eyewitnesses to Jesus and His life and death and resurrection, we are eyewitnesses to everything He has done in our lives – His love, our relationship with Him, joy in our lives, peace, eternal life, etc. Take some time to write out your own testimony before working with your children this month and consider how to share it with your children in small age-appropriate bits as you teach.

Bible Verse:  

Go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you. Mark 5:19 (NKJ)

One Main Point:  

Tell everyone about Jesus!

Stories with Color Sheets and Crafts

Parents, we have combined the Story, Color Sheet, and Craft on one document.

May 2: Philip Tells a Stranger About Jesus – Acts 8:5-6, 26-38

May 9: Peter and John Help a Lame Man – Acts 3:1-20

May 16: Peter Preaches to Cornelius – Acts 10:1-48

May 23: Paul Tells Lydia About Jesus – Acts 16:12-15

May 30: Paul and Silas Tell About Jesus Even When It’s Hard – Acts 16:6-40