We use a very interactive curriculum over four quarters to teach the little ones:

  • God made the world
  • God made each child
  • God made homes and families
  • Jesus loves children

The Lesson is comprised of bright colored puppets, peek-a-boo objects, stuffed animals and toys that make sounds and music to focus the little ones as the presenter and teachers sing songs about the theme for the quarter. It allows the children to see, hear, touch, smell and sometimes taste as they learn about the world God made for them. Each lesson begins and ends with attention to the Bible, God’s special book.


Our Curriculum continues to teach the children that God is involved in every part of their lives, that He loves them and that He sent Jesus. They learn through directed play as they visit activity centers, hear a lesson peresented with music and puppets (and other visuals) and work on a take home activity that is designed to let parents know what is taught. The theme changes monthly as we strive to build security into their little hearts that God loves them and takes care of their every need and that His Word is true.

Older Preschoolers

The Curriculum used throughout these age groups introduces children to Bible stories and the character traits that God wants to see in their lives. The children involve themselves in creative introductory learning activities that introduce them to the central truth of the day’s lesson. Worship time includes music and a bible story told in a creative way to enable children of all learning styles to learn about God and His Word. A practical application activity reinforces the truth of the lesson and guides parents to follow up at home.