Special Needs

His Workmanship – Special Needs Ministry

The purpose of His Workmanship is to provide opportunities for individuals with diverse needs and abilities and their families to grow spiritually, engage with their church family, serve others, and be a witness for Jesus.

Our ministry has teams of caring and committed volunteers who seek to teach, engage, and love individuals with special needs and their caregivers and families. Each classroom has a team, or in the Buddy for Me program, a volunteer, who imparts bible truths in a multi-sensory manner to help each individual engage and contribute in the classroom according to their abilities.

A Buddy for Me

An inclusion program for children through adults with special needs who need a little extra help; we match buddies with an individual to help them succeed in class.

Amanda Vaughn // 940.297.6781 // hisworkmanship@dentonbible.org


RISE Jr:  An alternate class designed for children ages 3-9 years who might better succeed in a more structured, sensory-friendly setting. This class is available at 11am downstairs in the Children’s Ministry area.

RISE Tweens:  An alternate class that caters to the individual needs of those age 10-15 needing a more structured, sensory-friendly environment of learning during the 11:00 hour meeting in the Student Ministry Building.

RISE Adults:  This class brings together individuals with various mental and physical needs age 16 and up as they enjoy age appropriate activities and lessons to grow disciples and build community. This class is available at the 9am and 11am services in the Student Ministry Building.

Amanda Vaughn // 940.297.6781 // hisworkmanship@dentonbible.org

Parent Survival Night

We recognize the impact that special needs makes on the family as a unit and each individual specifically. Once a month, we have a Parent Survival Night for parents to participate in devotions, sharing, and prayer in a safe environment. This support group is always open to new families.

Amanda and Buddy Vaughn // 940.297.6781 // parentsurvival@dentonbible.org

How To Get Connected

Complete the following forms to enroll your child or individual in the special needs program at DBC:

Individual Intake Form

All About Me

Contact and send the forms to:

Amanda Vaughn, Special Needs Coordinator, 940-297-6781

Janet Rawlings, Assistant Coordinator, 940-297-6780