Why should you serve in Children’s Ministry?

We have approximately 400 volunteers involved in DBC Children’s Ministry. We have a wide variety of ministry positions available with various time commitments and levels of involvement allowing you to use your gifts and talents to teach children about God and His love.

Team Leaders oversee a classroom for one service. Team leaders choose learning centers for the day, set the classroom up, oversee the morning activities and shepherd the team. (Sunday and 1 hour weekly for preparation)

Shepherds help the children as they participate in the morning activities, meeting their physical needs and building relationships with them by showing God’s love. (Sunday only)

Greeters welcome the children and their parents to Celebration Kids. Hallway Hosts greet families at the doors to the Children’s Learning Center and in the main check in area assisting parents to find their way to the children’s classrooms and making everyone feel at home and then participate in the worship service in the auditorium. Classroom greeters extend hospitality at the doors to the classroom, meet and greet parents and children and then serve as a shepherd in the classroom once the children are all present. (Sunday only)

Computer Techs work at the central check in stations and welcome members and guests as they provide nametags and security for all parents and children. They assist with registration of new children and visitor information. (Sunday only)

Subs are placed on a call list for a particular room and a designated service to step into the classroom when a regular team member has to be out. (Sunday only)

Worship Team members plan and prepare to teach the Bible in creative, interactive ways and lead worship time. Musicians, artists, storytellers and those who love reaching children through drama and puppets will find a wonderful way to use their gifts. (Most preparation occurs on Sunday before story and worship time except to review speaking parts or learn music (musicians) during the week at most 1 hour.)

Cut Ups: The children’s take home learning activities are prepared by “crafty” people at home. They are picked up and returned on Sundays at the Resource Room on the bottom floor of the Children’s Learning Center. (2-4 hours per month)